Mastering the formidable art of cooking

ImagePrepared a no-brainer chicken pie for dinner tonight, with a refreshing cucumber pickle to go alongside it. Dessert was a cherry cheesecake I made the night before.

My family enjoyed it. Yay! (Jumping for joy – in my heart.)

I’m really grateful for my parents and brothers who are such good sports when I cook. It alleviates a lot of my anxiety cos I’m really a green horn in this department. Cooking has always been quite a daunting task for me, as I had some traumatising experiences with my Home Economics teachers in secondary school in the past. I remember one teacher scolding me while waving a frying pan vigorously over my head when I burnt the garlic. Haha, so funny when I think about it now. But it was so stressful at that time okay… Even sewing class was stressful! Every lesson was hurry, hurry, hurry and I had no idea what the teacher was talking about! 

So, why am I learning to cook now?

Well, it’s about time! 

It’s a skill that can be used to bless anyone… unlike piano teaching 🙂

It’s also a woman’s responsibility and privilege right, to cook for her family? And it’s better I get a head-start now rather than kelam kabut when I eventually… eventually get married 😀


So there you go, got to face my fears and learn… even if it’s a no-brainer chicken pie 


3 thoughts on “Mastering the formidable art of cooking

  1. HAHA!!! You did that in Home Economics class? 😛 If I were the teacher, I’d be so traumatised by you. Well, dear…you DO have many other skills to bless people – not just cooking and piano teaching. Like making me laugh. Glad you are enjoying the cooking. Must taste your cooks one day.

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