No-brainer Chicken Pie


This feeds about 6 people 🙂


1. 5 chicken marylands, deboned and sliced into bite-sized pieces

2. 2-3 potatoes, washed, peeled and cubed (Steam after cubing them)

3. Mushrooms – whatever you like. (I used white and button mushrooms). Slice them thinly

4. Half a packet of frozen vege (I used Watties – corn, peas and carrots)

5. Eggs, boiled and sliced. (I didn’t include them in my recipe today, much to my brothers’ disappointment)

6. Puff pastry by Pampas (see, I’m such a cheat. I promise to use less pre-packaged stuff in my cooking when I’m more pro ok!)

7. Half a box of cream 

8. Fresh chicken stock (about a cup) or Maggi chicken granules dissolved in hot water

9. Butter – a good chunk

10. Dried herbs – oregano, basil, parsley, whatever you like 

11. Garlic powder/salt

12. Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

13. Corn flour dissolved in hot water (to thicken the gravy). 

14. One onion – chopped finely

Method (so easy lahhhhh!!)

1. Melt the butter in a saucepan. (Btw PLEEASE do not have preconceived ideas about butter or pork lard being bad for cooking. They actually take high heat much better than the angelic looking canola or sunflower oils which turn carcinogenic when heated. Cold pressed extra super virgin olive oil is good but it is to be taken raw. So pleaseeee, enjoy your animal fats! By the way palm oil takes high heat well too. Anyway, I’m sidetracking big time. Just use good butter la ok, your nostrils and tastebuds will thank you for it.)

2. Saute the onions until they turn brown. Add the chicken and start cooking. 

3. Add some salt, chicken stock, herbs, garlic powder and continue cooking.

4. Pour in the cream and chicken stock.

5. Add the mushrooms.

6. Err, just keep tasting and adding what you like… Pepper, chicken stock, cream.

7. Add the cornflour mixture slowly, and stir… Don’t use too much! Just a little first in case your sauce becomes clumpy. 

8. Add in the frozen veggies and cook more, and finally the steamed potato cubes when you’re ready to pop them in ovenproof tins. 

9. Follow the instructions on the package for the puff pastry… 

10. And pop your pies into the oven.

Voila! Chicken Pie 101 for Dummies. Kau tim!!


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