Udon noodles


This is my own concoction, a chapelang recipe that can be adapted to your own taste and preferences.

Feeds 5 people


A packet of frozen udon noodles (5 bars/blocks of udon)

Dashi sachets – about 4 if you’re using the powder form or 2 packets of those tea-like sachets where u brew them

Sea salt, white pepper

Pork bone stock – I used pork ribs and “bak thau” (Chicken/vegetable stock should work too)

Shiitake mushrooms, soaked. Save mushroom water for the soup stock if you like a mushroomy aroma in the soup

Chinese cabbage

Fatty pork – sliced thinly

(Alternatives/other additions): Tofu, chicken pieces, shrimp, different types of mushrooms…)

1. Make soup stock by boiling meat or other vegetables. I dumped the ribs n pork into the slow cooker. (Add fatty pork and mushrooms approx 20-30mins before serving).

2. Cook the frozen udon according to packet instructions.

3. Season and taste soup with dashi seasoning, salt and pepper.

4. Throw in the cabbage leaves just before serving.

That’s about it! đŸ™‚ Easy right?


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