Life will never be the same for me again…

Nothing in my life is going to be short of needing supernatural blessing from God…

Whether it is coaching and guiding my students through their different levels of piano study, serving the Lord in Kids Ministry, cooking and baking, whatever I do, will all be supernatural with my current condition.

I am also praying for a supernatural provision in a very specific area of my life…

Somehow, I am at peace. I am not anxious, nor do I feel the pressure of having to “make things happen”. There is a quiet trust and contentment within me. This period of “isolation” does get lonely at times, with lovebirds surrounding me, and many of my close friends busy with their respective areas of work, ministry and family life… but I believe God wants me to enjoy this lesson of contentment, and not merely bear with it as a chapter to learn and get it over and done with as soon as I can.

God in His mercy gives and takes away. He gives us blessings to savour, enjoy and treasure. Shall we curse Him when He removes them from us?

As a child of God I can rest assured knowing that God recompenses far beyond my expectation or imagination.

For what limitations I have, I know God will use them to become my strengths. Supernaturally.

For example, I contracted shingles end July last year, which was a painful (second!!) episode for me. That was the season of students having exams, and because shingles was contagious to those who have not contracted chicken pox, I was isolated from most of my students. My poor students had to complete their theory worksheets on their own at home, drop them into my mailbox, and I would mark and explain their mistakes to them over the phone… Nothing much I could do except to pray for God’s mercy…


Even the “heart attack” cases came out scoring Distinctions! I credit all my successes to the Lord Jesus Christ who grants me favour and satisfies me with good things.

I really feel so blessed by God. He has been so good to me. Just like a parent who cares and loves for a child unconditionally, whether the child is deserving or not, whether the child is grateful or not, God has been the same to me.

If you, my dear student/student’s parent chance upon this blog post, I would like to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your kindness, love and support to me particularly through the past one year has really strengthened and encouraged my heart. I would not be able to repay you according to the depth of gratitude in my heart, but I pray that God will bless you richly for the generosity and understanding that you have lavished  me.



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