That I may not cause pain!

Oh, that You would bless me indeed,

And enlarge my territory,

that Your hand would be with me,

and that You would keep me from evil,

that I may not cause pain!

1 Chronicles 4:10


Can’t think of a better prayer. Every day passes so quickly, fatigue overwhelms me at the end of each day. I am really drained emotionally and physically and am depending on the Lord for His grace and blessing as I meet and interact with different people.

I see myself as the widow with only two copper coins to offer (emotionally, that is). While others may be able to give so much from their wealth of experience, expertise and even charisma, I feel as though I’m offering a measly, pathetic offering of feeble attempts. Through this state of emptiness and depletion, I sense God’s desire to meet the needs of the people around me, through me. My inadequacy and helplessness is apparent and the best thing I can do for most of them is to lift them up in prayer…

I guess this is how the family of God works… God gives us burdens to pray for others, and He burdens others to pray for us! Cos maybe we are too tired of mouthing our needs and requests to God over and over again, and God understands that πŸ˜› hehe hope it’s not theologically unsound πŸ˜€

If only pain could be something I could snap out of quickly, how nice it would be πŸ™‚ I was asking Mama the other day, “Why can’t my life be more “normal”,with less “drama” and definitely less “diarrhoea inducing” moments… And she simply said something along the lines of “How can you expect God’s glory to be displayed through you if your life is “normal”?” (Read: problem-free). Not that I’m any more special than you are even ifΒ the index reading of my problems and woes are markedly higher than yours, though.

Chin up, be of good courage. This season will pass.


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