Experimenting with Asian recipes…

Decided to try some home-style Asian dishes this week:-

1. Deep-fried French beans (got the general recipe/idea from rasamalaysia.com)


2. Deep-fried wontons (general recipe also from rasamalaysia.com but I tweaked the recipe quite a bit again…)

— I used fish sauce to flavour the minced pork, and this particular brand of fish sauce does seem to have an edge over the other varieties… It’s called Fish Sauce, Sauce de Poisson – Blue Dragon and comes in a glass bottle. The ingredients are primarily made up of anchovy extract, salt and sugar. Product of Thailand. Available in Cold Storage.


3. Aunty Nancy’s Tomato Chicken… I especially appreciate tried and tested recipes by aunties because you’re almost quite sure they will be good and enjoyed by everyone else. It will be quite hard to share the recipe as I had to use the Agak-agak principle here and cook and taste as I go along… However the main ingredients for the chicken are

— Chilli boh (blended chilli), blended shallot, Heinz tomato ketchup (I used Life the 2nd time I tried this dish and it turned out pretty good too), lemongrass stalks, sugar, salt, and tamarind paste soaked in hot water.



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