Some lessons learnt from the life of Gideon…

Judges 6:11-8

God uses the weak, the underdogs, the cowardly

– Gideon saw himself as the “underdog”, coming from the weakest clan in Manasseh and the least in his father’s house. He was doubtful and afraid of his own abilities when the call of God came.

God is patient and assures us 

-Even though Gideon was visited by an angel and witnessed the awe-strucking miracle of his sacrifice being received by fire, he still doubted God’s call. He asked God for a sign, not once, but twice. God accommodated Gideon’s request even though his desire to test God was in direct violation of the Mosaic law.

Many of us will be called by God, but our faithfulness and obedience will be tested 

-Gideon’s personal vengeance on Zebah and Zalmunna was not part of God’s holy war. He was reacting out of anger to their insults and disrespect for him. His killing them was out of a bruised ego and not out of God’s command.

-Gideon was not sincere in his words. Though he protested that he was not their king, he accepted the ornamentation given him – the crescent ornaments, pendants and purple garments – which were meant for Midianite kings.

-By keeping the ephod (which was worn by the high priest to inquire of God), he may have misused it and it became a snare to him and his household.

-His disobedience and lack of reverence for God’s instructions and ways became a precedent for his sons and the generations to come.

Such a timely reminder for me. Lord Jesus, keep me safe in Your will and draw me back to You when I stray. I don’t want to start well but end badly…


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