I have not been one to be hyped up about festive seasons, whether it is Chinese New Year, Christmas, Easter…

However, Easter has become a bit of an emotional but meaningful time for me. It was during this period last year, that I discovered my illness. April 2nd, to be exact. I remember so clearly the scene at the hospital. Mum and Dad by my side, Dad rushing out of the room like Pumbaa with the junior doctor (who resembles Pumbaa too!) where junior doc was checking my test results with the head rheumatologist. The junior doc had been questioning me on my symptoms and after furnishing him with the details, I chirpily and confidently told him I was very sure it was Rheumatoid Arthritis. Ha ha… (Wikipedia research, mah)

The head came into the room later and very briskly said, “No it’s SLE. Test results all positive.” I was stunned. I had not Wiki-ed SLE at all and had no clues about this illness. Meekly, and a little comically, I now asked Junior Pumbaa, “Which illness is worse ah?”

An hour later, Mum brought me out to lunch at Chok Dee. I remember sending out smses to friends and prayer partners who were waiting for updates…

This post is mainly to thank all of you who have cared for me, held my hands and gave me courage as I walked through this year.

Firstly, my Lord Jesus Christ. Words cannot describe His goodness, His mercy, His provision. Without His gracious blessings, I wouldn’t have such a wonderful family nor supportive church members and friends alike. He is my anchor, my comfort, my Saviour, my only Hope.

I would like to thank my parents for caring for me. As I write this tears well in my eyes. It is very hard to express what I really feel and want to say. Dad, for being patient with me even when I am quiet. For being so generous and kind. For being the pillar of strength to mummy. Thank you mum, for the nights you spend giving me massages. I really treasure your prayers for me, you seem to know what to pray for, things that I never knew I desired or needed ’till I heard your prayer! Thank you for listening to me patiently each time I need an ear, and for helping me see things from another perspective. Thank you Dave for your gentleness with me, your quiet strength brings a sense of comfort and stability to our home atmosphere. Thank you Sam, for being the super-servant, your boundless energy and sense of humour definitely keeps Mum and Dad young 🙂 May you be rewarded, for he is greatest of all who is servant of all. (Though it sounds so funny, Sam the lor-zhai) Koko Chris, for being so kind to me, spoiling your sister with gifts that require so much sacrifice on your part… I love you, Ko!


Celebrating my birthday last year 🙂

Next, I would like to thank my mentors, spiritual leaders and the older godly ladies in my life. So sorry, cannot include everyone’s picture in here, but that includes ladies from the church and the cell-group as well…



Next, comes my friends… Friends who have prayed for me, stood by my side and supported me, brought me food, accompanied me for tests…




And finally, my precious students, both music students and sunday school students who shower me with so much love, and smother me with hugs, smiles and happy chatter. Thanks for reminding me why I do what I do.

To the understanding and accommodating parents, thank you. Many of you have gone out of your way to research on different treatments or supplements that could possibly help my condition, checked on how I was doing, accommodated rescheduling of classes when I was unwell, and blessed me with fooooodd (joy!) and your friendship.

I count myself blessed. Thank you for being a part of my life. :’)


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