7 Random Things About Me…

Got tagged by Moo Moo Girl at http://woollylifestock.blogspot.com/2013/04/7-things-about-me.html and I don’t even know how to link it right argh!! Ah Moo, why your assignment so ma huan one. I don’t know how to copy the award pic also la.

Things that you may not know, may not even care to know about…

1. I can’t play candy crush. AT ALL. Totally hopeless and I can’t get the game, not even past Level 1.
2. I have perpetual bruises on my knees. I am extremely clumsy and I will have to child-proof my future home with rubber coverings for the hard edges of table tops, cabinets etc, and yes, NO breakable crockery…
3. I never enjoyed going to school and never wish to be a student again. I enjoyed my music study post high-school, but that was because I had great teachers and loved them.
4. Always thought of myself as an extrovert but realise now that I am quite introverted… and it’s partly because most of my close friends are introverted, including mum, and I’m partly, almost fully, converted now.
5. When food has peel-able layers, I like to eat them layer by layer… including Ferrero Rocher.
6. Hugs make me happy.
7. I miss performing, whether singing in the choir, playing in the orchestra or even being a piano soloist or accompanist. I enjoy making music in groups, there is such energy and vitality in playing/singing together.

OK la, done, Madam Melody Moo. Now I can go to bed in peace.


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