Reflections after the mega political gathering…

It was only my second time attending these political rallies, which are always the attraction and most talked about topic nearing elections. (Well, other than the free food and lucky draws provided by the other political party…) I am still in awe at the energy level and enthusiasm amongst the people, especially the elderly who seem so passionate towards the cause of change and clean elections…

I was rather quiet last night at the rally, though the massive crowd was cheering, blowing their whistles and bugle-like contraptions, waving flags… It was a sight to behold, and it made me think about Heaven. The rejoicing and jubilant cheers we will have for our Lord Jesus at His appearance. 

Every time, the “big fish” politicians entered, there would be standing ovations and rapturous applause given. My heart could burst in pride for those who have withstood the test of time and temptation over the many years serving in government and fighting for the cause of justice and mercy. Yet, let my heart not idolise nor hero-worship another man but GOD.

It is also funny how we scramble to get the autographs of these politicians on all the memorabilia we purchase and I ask myself “Am I desperate to touch the garment of Jesus?”, like the lady with the issue of blood who was desperate to be healed and literally crawled through the crowds just to touch the end of His garment. Now, I really know what it means to walk through a crowd of seventy thousand! 

My Bible study notes for this week is so timely! It talks about the tower of Babel and how God confused the language of the people. What exactly was displeasing to God? I strongly believe it was not the act of building the tower that displeased God as much as the motive. The building was “a specific expression of pride, literal religious ambition, and rebellion against the true God”, they wanted to prove their human ascendancy above all knowledge of God, dependence upon Him or fear of His judgment. (BSF Lesson 10 Series 1)

Which draws me back to the point about the crowds… that while we may be cheering in unity and I believe all of us want change for a clean and upright government, that does not reflect true loyalty or allegiance. 

Just days before His crucifixion, Jesus had crowds and throngs throwing their garments on the ground for Him to pass through as He rode on a donkey. Shouts of “Hosanna!” resonated down the streets and market place but days later He would face angry, violent shouts of “crucify Him!”. What makes me think I can be different from the crowds back then?

Nothing tests us as much as difficult times, and nothing tests us as much as success, too. 

Will we be faithful and loyal ’till the end?


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