The Fear of God

The most important thing in life is to fear God. I always knew it in my head but now my spirit knows for sure…

This election fever has really opened my eyes to how damaging things can be when there is no fear of God. Doesn’t Mr. G or Mr. L fear the judgment of God should they meet their Maker tonight? My heart grieves at how bribery is so openly done and NOTHING is done about it. What has happened to law and order in our country? The very people who are supposed to help uphold the law and maintain justice are turning a blind eye to this evil acts while they themselves receive bountiful profits, at the expense of the poor and needy.

The fear of the Lord leads to life, and the absence of it leads to death. Spiritual death and also the death of our nation… O Lord spare our nation! Open the eyes of the blind and shed your light and truth. Put such fear in the people, good fear, that they will obey the voice of their conscience rather than the temptations of the flesh.

My heart grieves… People can’t you see the truth???????????

God sees… Aren’t you afraid????? Is it worth it to gain the world and lose your soul????


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