How I’ve proved HIM o’er and o’er

To record and remember in the days to come, what the Lord has done for me.

I was praying recently that God would prove to me, that He is more than enough, He would provide for me and that He would look out for me… 

I was feeling really broke today as I had just burnt off a large portion of my monthly income on a new cell-phone as well as some needful expenditures for this month… I also wanted to meet up with my best friend for dinner, but I knew I could not expect her to pick up the tab as she has been saving hard for her trip to the States this Friday, too. 

Anyhows, I’m glad we carried on with the dinner, it will be a good three weeks before I see her again. We had so much fun laughing over the craziest things while having edifying conversation and fellowship. 

When the bill came, my eyes bulged out. How could two pastas and a dessert only amount to sixteen ringgit? I asked the waitress to double check, and she said “Your bill has been paid”.

A couple whom I just met last week had picked up the tab for my friend and I. They had already left. Their act of gesture meant so much to me, but it was the timing of it that really made my heart rejoice. GOD YOU LOVE ME SO!!!!! 

I have been praying silly prayers such as “God, I’m going to Gurney Plaza all alone on a Sunday. I don’t want to feel alone, please be with me and care for me like how a boyfriend/husband would”… haha… and it feels good! He gives me quiet confidence and lifts up my countenance. 

I want to know for sure that He is more than enough so that I can really mean it when I tell others that He is truly more than enough.

Oh, for grace to trust Him more!


One thought on “How I’ve proved HIM o’er and o’er

  1. This is an amazing testimony, Rach. Thank you for always having in mind to bless me sis. I was truly blessed by your edifying company last night. And if you ever get in touch with your friends, please send them my deepest gratitude.

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