With faith comes obedience…

It is almost impossible to obey God without faith.

The main reasons why we fail to obey God is fear and our reasoning. We think we will lose something – our reputation, our control over how things should be, our possessions, the people we love, if we obey Him in faith and go against our reasoning and what seems so rational, correct, and normal.

I’ve begun to question my own sincerity of faith. Do I trust God enough? If I depend on my human reasoning at this juncture, I would naturally want to step out and try to make things happen. Logically, that’s how things work isn’t it? You want something, you should get aggressive, make plans and be strategic. 🙂 And certainly, faith calls for action. However, in my case, faith would mean a quiet waiting and trust. Trust that God ultimately wants what is best for me, trust that God knows what He is doing, and would I, Rachel, stop messing with His plans by trying to make things work in my own way and according to my own schedule.

A little compromise will affect one’s destiny in one way or another. God is forgiving, and He redeems every situation through His great love and mercy, but there will always be repercussions, a price to pay. For example, Abraham’s detour to Egypt may seem like a blessing in disguise when Sarah attracted Abimelech, because from Abimelech came blessings of lifestock and many other goodies (servants and camels :P) but his “white lie” about Sarai being his half sister set a precedent of deception for his future generations (Jacob deceiving his father), he left Egypt with many good things, but not excluding a servant girl named Hagar, whom we know became the mother of Ishmael and led to many conflicts which last till today… All it takes is just ONE SMALL DETOUR.

However, there are many good things to learn and admire about Abraham. He obeyed in faith, not knowing where he was going. He took God at His word when he was promised descendants as uncountable as the dust of the earth, though he and Sarai were childless at old age… Abraham’s faith caused him to put everything he had into this venture of leaving his homeland, making it impossible to go back. How many of us would dare to make such risky decisions?

God has promised that those who act on His command by faith will never be put to shame. It is only after we have made a deliberate, obedient commitment to the truth already given that God reveals Himself to us. A Christian who does not progress in Bible knowledge, experience of answered prayer, deliverance from known sins and bad habits, and in service to others becomes stagnant. 

It is wise to live in utter confidence that God’s will is good, delightful and perfect.

(references: BSF Lesson 12 Series 1)


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