Driven to my knees

It’s in moments like these, that I am desperate to be healed. Desperate for this SLE to be thrown at the feet of Jesus (as how one lady prayed for me).

The myalgia pains are back with a vengeance and my neck and back has been in continuous pain for the past 2 weeks. Am fatigued and weak from lack of sleep while fighting the pain throughout the day.

Please pray with me!


2 thoughts on “Driven to my knees

  1. Oh dear….
    Heavenly Father, we pray that You would give Rachel the strength to overcome the myalgia, in Jesus’ name. Let the pains yield to the name of Jesus, that when she prays (or whoever prays for her), they would indeed flee. We also pray that Rachel would find her rest and relief when she is close to You. Let her not be disappointed. In Jesus’ name, I pray, AMEN.

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