“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Proverbs 17:17

You may enjoy the company of many, but all we really do need are a few, maybe just even one or two friends, whom we can trust and rely on. Such friends are difficult to find, and if you have found them, treasure them. It is easy to take these kind of friends for granted, because we can become so comfortable with them and even begin to treat the relationship carelessly.

Anyways, what prompted me with this post is this proverb which I read earlier this morning. As I grieve over friends who have left or moved on, the Lord has reminded me of one thing: I have never lacked a true friend. Yes, there may have been severe phases of loneliness but I have never been so deprived that I am left to flounder or falter on my own. God has taught me  a very important lesson about friendship and relationships through this recent episode of grief.

In every season of our lives, God will bring just the right people who will shape us (especially those that grate our patience hehe), and people who will be a blessing and encouragement to us for that season. Either that, or He brings people across our paths, people who would benefit from our care, encouragement and love.

Friends do not have to be your peers. Your friends can be older or younger than you are. They may be very different from you in so many ways, and it remains a mystery what draws two people together, both in the platonic and romantic sense. For example, I am very blessed to have an aunt who’s really more like a sister to me than anything else. We chat about food, beauty tips, our views on love, life and religion and she’s offered me the comfort of an older sister since I do not have one. In seasons such as these, I depend on just a few, very trusted friends and I know I do not have much to repay them. But there is one thing they can be assured of – my loyalty.


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