Small Things


Great acts of virtue are rare because they are seldom called for. When the occasion for you to do something great comes, it has its own rewards; the excitement, the respect gained from others, and the pride that will accompany your ability to do such “great” things. To do small things that are right continually, without being noticed, is much more important. These small acts attack your pride, your laziness, your self-centredness, and your oversensitive nature.

It is much more appealing to make great sacrifices to God, however hard they might be, so that you might do whatever you want with the small decisions of life. Faithfulness in the little things better proves your true love for God. It is the slow, plodding path rather than a passing fit of enthusiasm that matters.

Sometimes you cling to trifles more than truly important things. It would be more painful to give up one of your pastimes than to give a great deal of money to charity. You are more easily led astray by little things because they seem so innocent.

Nevertheless, when God takes these little things away, you soon discover, through the pain of their absence, how attached you are to them. Besides, if you neglect little things, you will constantly offend your family, the people who work for you, and everyone else!

No one will believe you love God when your behaviour is lax concerning small, important details. If you won’t make small sacrifices, how will we believe you can make great ones? You may need courage to attend to small things at first. It may not be easy. Accept the difficulty as God’s discipline which will bring you peace. Things will get easier.

(The Seeking Heart. Fenelon)

Personal application this week for me: Cultivate attentiveness towards the people I see this week, meeting needs and giving them my full attention when they speak to me. 🙂

What about you?


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