The following quotes are by Ann Voskamp… (in Italics)

Our actual theology is best expressed in our actual hospitality.


Just this week, I have had three blessed meals in three different homes.

A lady from my BSF group invited a few of us over to her cosy home for a delicious home-cooked meal, her jiu hoo char was really authentic and oh-so-satisfying. It felt so good to be invited over to a home to dine and fellowship.

The next evening, I had to go over to another student’s house to teach, and her mother invited me for dinner. Another hearty home-cooked meal laid out for me, I felt so pampered to be received with such care and warmth.

Today, as I was teaching another student in the afternoon, her mum brought out home-cooked curry noodles!

This convinces me even more thoroughly the need to develop my cooking skills. What a ministry and blessing it can be to those who are lonely, away from home, or simply needing the warmth of a home…

Hospitality is life with no gates. 


Hospitality means if there is room in the heart-there is always room in the house. 


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