Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Do we really perceive the depth of these words, do we truly mean what we say, do we even know what we are saying when we ask for our daily bread?

What is life like when you live in constant dependence on God?


I don’t have to worry about my next meal, or the meals in the days, weeks, months, years to come. In fact, many of us fret about what to eat or cook for the next meal, gracious!

I know when I get home from work, there will be an air-conditioned bedroom for me to rest in and a warm shower and comfortable bed to plonk myself into.

It’s been taken for granted that my parents are home waiting for me, brothers to talk to, and friends to catch up with online, otherwise, over meals and other meetings/gatherings of sorts.

Why do I even need God?

The more self-sufficient we feel, the less dependent we are on Christ.

Looking back, it was necessary for my heart to be broken. The long, agonizing nights spent in tears, the dull and constant ache of the heart and the feeling of emptiness over weeks and months. Barely being able to breathe through the wracking sobs, barely having strength to even pray, this is when you depend mainly on His grace and mercy to carry you through.

God’s sovereignty and loving compassion will meet us at our Ground Zeroes.

Another episode that’s etched in my mind was when I was preparing for my Licentiate exam for piano performance in 2007. Just two weeks before my exam, I found out that I had prepared a wrong piece for the recital! This was beautifully disastrous. The usual time taken for perfecting a piece was months, not two weeks! My teacher suggested postponing the exam (which would require ahem, devious ways of going about it, for example, getting an untruthful Medical Certificate). I knew that simply could not be an option.

The Trinity College representative stepped in and encouraged me to try my best and work on a piece in those two weeks. For two weeks, I would be awake by 5:30am to practice. Kneeling by the piano, I would cry out to God to help me even as I practiced. I asked my family and friends to pray for me. I also had another teacher who stepped in to give me extra lessons.

Guess what? When results were out, the Trinity representative pointed to me and said “Ha! God’s favour is on you, man!”

I was one of the top scorers for that exam.

Don’t think I would have emerged top scorer if I didn’t have such a crisis come my way. I was far too complacent before that to pray or work hard.

God’s word is really true when He says that He makes all things work out for our good. He uses even our mistakes and stupidity for His infinite and perfect plan for our lives when we surrender our all to Him.

To quote Pastor Mok, “We can’t tell when God’s action begins and human actions end or when human will begins and God’s will ends. Providence permeates our existence and our directions, such that we are carried along And like Naomi, Ruth & Boaz, our everyday events and choices may seem so natural, so human that we aren’t even aware that God is at work The job you have; the company you work for; the person you met; the circumstances you are in; the prompting in your heart … there may be more of God in it than you realize. But the point is that we are not required to figure it all out.

Even in hard times, when you think you’re at the end of your rope. God’s Providence is still at work – to bring your life and all its connections to their final goal. So, trust God, like the Psalmist: But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.
 I will sing the Lord’s praise, for he has been good to me.”

Praise His name.


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