Using Your Money Wisely (Larry Burkett)

Excerpts from his book:

“Since finances is one of the most often discussed topics in the New Testament, it would seem obvious that God would use that area to test our obedience to Him. In our society we have a value rating system that is based upon material wealth. That is just as true within Christianity as it is in the unbelieving world. Fortunately, God’s value system is based on spiritual worth and is measured by our willingness to accept His direction.

The conflict between materialism and Christianity is addressed directly by the Lord in Matthew 6:24.

Many Christians have had their eyes shattered by financial setbacks. Some respond by panicking to the point that they abandon their Christian principles, and cheat and lie to protect their security. Others fall back in defeat and lose their trust in God. Some live a life of fear, and as a result they lose their witness. Others accept God’s authority over their lives and use this as an opportunity to trust God more fully and to demonstrate to others that they serve God. (Job 1:22)

Until a Christian is broken to the point of total dependence on God, he is not really useful in God’s plan. (Philippians 3:7)

God desires to break our ego and pride – not our spirit.

Indeed, in the spirit we should grow stronger under affliction. The purpose is to strip us of all self-gratification. (2 Corinthians 10:17)

Brokenness, whether it is financial, physical, emotional, or all three, has at its center the purpose of teaching us to trust in God.

God is in control. If we are serving Him, then nothing can befall us except that He allows it. It will rarely seem beneficial at the time, but if we believe God’s Word, then we must believe He will ultimately receive the glory. (Romans 8:28)”


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