What Do You Look For in a Potential Spouse?

Good at dancing. A sense of humour. Charming. Able to sustain intelligent conversations. Loves sports/music/animals. The list goes on…

Mum reminds us, “You may be attracted to a personality, but you get married to a character.

While love is a complex thing and each of us have our preferences, I’ve come across a concise but complete list that is helpful. It’s taken from a book on Courtship titled, The Better Way. (Unfortunately, I do not have the book at hand and cannot recall the authors’ names.)

While this list is directed towards believers, it’s helpful for any young person really.

1. The person must be in love with Jesus. (PASSION)

2. He/she must be an example to others. (PATTERN)

3. That person must be pursuing God’s call for his/her life. (PURPOSE)

4. My gifting should complement his/hers. (PARTNERSHIP)

5. We should be able to correct one another. (PROTECTION)

6. We should find one another attractive. (PLEASANT)

7. Our relationship should be blessed by both our fathers as well as our Heavenly Father. (PARENTS)

In another conversation with mum during our morning walks, she noted that it was important to look for a man who is yielded. Nothing kills a relationship more than selfishness.

Wanna be married? Be prepared to die to yourself and live for the other.

No wonder Paul did say, it was better to remain as he was. 😀


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