Just Saying

I wonder how many of you have been a tad annoyed at this phrase, which is often a post-script after a sarcastic, unkind or unpleasant comment.

Here are some examples (which can be occasionally found on Facebook) :

I really loathe people who act as if they have it all together. Just saying.

Don’t wanna date a ______  boy. Just saying.

Just had the juiciest, ohsem-est (yeah, they even ruin the word awesome!) steak ever in ______ (fill in the blanks with some 10 star hotel or something). Just saying.


Just saying seems to be a quick, painless two-word phrase to get away with whatever you feel like saying. Careless words thrown out in the spur of the moment can cut deep and last long. I must say it’s still a lesson for me to learn – to be more careful in what I say, the attitudes I harbour within my heart, the choice of words I use and the manner in which I speak.

“A wholesome tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness in it breaks the spirit.”

Proverbs 15:4


4 thoughts on “Just Saying

  1. It’s only annoying when people say it too often for our personal taste. It works the same way for me when people exhaust “sorry”. Have I got a story about that one:P

    You just need a bit more variety in your conversations with others. Just–oop:P Just teasing:D

    • Certainly. 🙂 I was also thinking that it is possible to say something really nice to a person and end with “Just saying” and a smile. So it doesn’t mean that everyone who says “Just saying” is annoying and mean 🙂

      • If someone wants to compliment or cheer someone up, they should avoid or be wary of phrases people hear too often (which I realize is near impossible without knowing the person better). A quick way to turn someone off is to use an annoying phrase:P One of mine is: “It’s all good.” No, nothing is all good. And, that sounds like they are just blowing everything off…like nothing matters. I go through bouts with confusing seriousness and humor. Sometimes, I am okay with joking around. Others, I want to be taken seriously. But, few accept/endure me when I am serious.

  2. Dare I mention another…

    I hate people who casually say things like…

    It’s hot as H*** out here! That guy is funny as H***! I’m hungry as H***! When do we eat?!

    What does H*** have to do with any of those emotional responses? Nothing. I don’t like certain words being used so casually. I often tune out when people do this regularly. Eventually, I might just vanish completely.

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