English Lessons With Khoo Chu Kang

Yes, his name is really Chu Kang and we (the church staff and I) nicknamed him Phua Chu Kang (after the hilarious comedian from the Singaporean sitcom).

Chu Kang is a bright-eyed child, blessed with a good memory, upbeat attitude and a generous dose of cheekiness.

I have been thinking of ways to make lessons fun without using too many props or technology. I did consider using videos and even games on the computer as a means of gaining his interest, but I know these will fail in the long run. He would probably gain more interest in the computer than in the English Language. So how?

Sometimes we read stories together. We have played word games together.

One day, in order to teach him about opposites, I got him to illustrate the meanings with simple drawings below the words. Here are some samples of what resulted after then…


So cute right, how he illustrated the meaning of “sadness” – no present! Hehe!

Then… to illustrate ugly, he was at a loss. Poor boy. So guess what his teacher drew… This is really embarrassing.


My finger pointing to my version of “ugly”, which made  Chu Kang burst into gales of uncontrollable laughter. I felt a combination of amusement, joy and slight embarrassment at his response. Oh well, my drawings will never be good enough for anyone to behold, but at least it makes people laugh. 😀 


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