GBC Church Camp 2013

Hello! This is a really backdated post.

I find it hard to articulate Pastor Daniel Ho’s teaching over the 3 days into one blog post. Whatever points I write will seem simple and obvious, but they have been ringing loud and clear in my mind over the past few weeks.

We may seek to learn many truths but do we  strive to apply them?

Pastor Daniel Ho is one who lives out what he preaches. He brought along a whole team of young people who are stars in their own right. A couple who left their high-paying jobs to start up a training cum business centre, a pharmacist who strives to pursue transparency and minimise corruption in the government hospital, a successful banker, a purpose-driven personal trainer and a dentist currently pursuing his housemanship in KL. What sets these young people apart? Two things 1. A spirit of excellence 2. A desire to make an impact that will last.

Here are some pictures from camp:

Our beautiful camp site: Cinta Sayang Resort at Sungai Petani. It had an apartment block and chalet-like units. The expansive grounds housed a swimming pool, golf course, gym, cafe and tennis court.


Bros and I while waiting for Pre-worship to start


Learnt how to play Sabateur with the youths during our free time on Saturday…


Picture-taking on the final day. The two photographers have 30 secs to run down before the camera clicks…


From the perspective of a shorty, this is what I see D:


The following pictures have been stolen  taken from the GBC Facebook page. 😀

Pastor Daniel Ho and his amazing team…


Got to play for one of the worship services…


We had a treasure hunt on Saturday afternoon. Here am I with my team.


It was a blessed time altogether.

P.s: Can you spot me?



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