Gratitude is Beautiful

Why is it so easy to always notice what we don’t have and forget about the many blessings we already have?

Why are we so quick to complain about what people don’t do for us, and not notice the many things they have done for us?

We forget what it’s like to have a day without pain until we have a nasty toothache or headache.

We forget the pleasure of a warm shower until there’s a water cut.

We forget how important a person is to us until we lose him/her.

WHY is it so? Why are we so forgetful when it comes to the truly important things in life?

Ungratefulness is a form of pride. Ouch, that hurts. Been guilty of that many times. “But why so?”, you may ask. Well, when we are ungrateful, we are saying (aloud or quietly in our hearts) that we deserve more. We deserve better. We begin to think that our parents owe it to us. Our spouse owes it to us. By golly, our children owe it to us!

Yes, of course there is need for reasonable conduct within relationships (e.g fidelity in marriage, obedience and submission to parents) but that’s not what I am referring to.

It’s the discontentment, comparison and utter unthankfulness which discourages the people around us. Isn’t it difficult to serve a person who does not appreciate your effort and in fact, treats your service as an entitlement rather than a privilege and blessing? Let’s not be that horrible ingrate. 😀

A grateful person is a refreshing person to be around with. Start showing gratitude to the people around you – the waiter that serves you at the cafe, your mother when she cooks you dinner, your child when she makes you a little craft, your husband for the long hours he puts into work to provide for you, your wife for being your confidant and comfort… THE LIST GOES ON FOREVER!

It will do your soul good. Show some gratefulness today!


The little treasure who inspired this post…


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