The Single Woman

This is a joke I heard many years back in a church (in Singapore), and it’s directed towards single women. The preacher said that there were suitable hymns for unmarried women of different age groups.

The unmarried women in their teens sing, “In His Time, He makes all things beautiful in His time”. (A song they can sing with starry eyes while dreaming about their Prince Charming to come, without any anxiety.)

The unmarried lady in her twenties sings, “God Will Make A Way”. (Getting a little antsy about marriage already.)

The bachelorette in her thirties has “I Surrender All” as the theme song of her heart. (Oh dear, any dude will do. Make it quick.)

And finally, still being unmarried in her forties, sing “Rescue the Perishing”!

Haha! Forgive me, fellow sisters, if you’re single and unmarried. I am too, actually. So, we are in the same boat! šŸ˜€ Might as well enjoy the boat ride rather than moan at what we do not have andĀ thinkĀ we need to have in order to gain happiness. (Or acceptance, security or love. Whatever).

Think about all the things you can do during this season. Learn a new skill. Go skydiving or try some dare-devilish sport that you’ve always wanted to do (since you’re not about to make anyone a widower yet, HAH!). No beau to cook for? Cook for your friends, or have someone who is lonely over for dinner. Be part of a missions team! Adopt your married friends’ children and invest in their lives! Spend time with your parents (they won’t live forever, you know). SEEEEEE, so many things to do! So little time! Use it fruitfully and be glad that you have lived a purposeful life without any regrets.


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