September Updates…

Hi readers! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I miss writing to you out there even though many of you have not revealed your identity to me yet. 🙂 It feels like I’m out of touch with you when I stop writing. I hope this post finds you well…

As for myself, I have been busy with different events over the past few weeks… Namely ministry-related meetings, regular BSF classes, Sunday School, preparing my students for exams (sweating profusely now-me, that is) and some other highlights… such as…

The Bible Reading Marathon that was held at the beautiful St George’s Church in conjunction with Malaysia day on September 16. The Bible was read from cover to cover, in at least 8 languages and dialects by different readers non-stop for three consecutive days.

Here am I with Neeltje, who read part of Leviticus in Dutch.


It was one of the happiest and most meaningful times of my life reading God’s Word aloud in the heart of the city, overlooking passing motorists and our Grand Ole Court House… 🙂


A picture of majesty and grace…


“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.”

-Matthew 24:35


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