He Giveth More Grace

Hujambo! Hope this finds you in the pink of health!

I took 2 days off from work to attend the Alpha Workplace conference which was held in PCC from Thursday evening till Saturday afternoon. My initial thought about this conference was it not being applicable for me, as I don’t even formally have a workplace from which I teach. I mainly work from home or students’ homes and occasionally teach in my friend’s music school. That’s about it.

As weeks passed, I began to see a bigger purpose in this course. This Alpha course is not only relevant for Believers intending to reach out to their colleagues in the marketplace, it is necessary for all of us too, to be the salt and light in the arena God places us.

To find out more about Alpha:- http://www.alphafriends.org.my

My favourite plenary speaker was Dr. Philip Lyn. Boy, I think I could listen to him speak for hours! A bi-vocational pastor, he uses his medical practice as a platform to reach out to the lost and needy as well. Above his intelligence and accomplishments, his love for God and amazing insights into Biblical truths are the things that struck me most about him.


I found myself stretched in little ways as well this week, as I played the piano for two occasions – in BSF and the Alpha Conference. You may be puzzled why I find this stretching – well, I have been away from Music Ministry for such a long time; my time on Sundays have been occupied with the children in Sunday School. Teaching has always been my calling, and I feel happy being in the background doing my own thing. So, its been at least 4 years since I have played the piano in any worship service… except for random little occasions (e.g Church Camp, a wake service, weddings…)

The time has come for me now to ease back into this Ministry. It terrifies me. One would think that with my training there would be no need for fear or stress but that is completely untrue. After saying this though, between the two “evils” of feeling inadequate or overconfident, I’d rather have the former. This new opening and ministry has caused me to take music practice more seriously and also cry out to the Lord for a quick mind in improvisations and comping with a band. I’m learning again what it means to play in a group and synchronise.

Also, with the current flurry of activities, I am relying more on God to order my days so that I would be able to refresh the people who come across my way each day. I feel very guilty for not being able to see all the people I want to and set aside specific hours for them. But I see my prayers being fulfilled! Little pockets of time spent praying together with different individuals, listening to them pour their hearts or just giving a few minutes of my time to help out in practical tasks… and to know that God ordered them makes me joyful, refreshed and blessed.

One example is the two young ladies I desire to “mentor” (for want of a better word). I give them piano lessons, but I never knew how to break past the lesson structure to impart something of greater value. However, for the past two weeks, I would pause halfway during lessons to talk about these things. The first week, I remember opening up to them during the car ride back to church to share about my many past sins and how God led me to repentance. They listened spellbound (haha!) as I told them of stories of mischief in school, the occasions in which I stole and had to make restitution years later after God’s conviction upon my heart, how I disobeyed my parents in my teenage years…

The following week, I had completely forgotten about what I had said. But midway through the lesson, I paused and said, “God looks at the heart. One person may seem to sin less, and the other more, but I believe God watches the motives and intents of the heart. Perhaps the one who sins more is earnestly desiring to break free of it, while the one who sins less is feeling self-righteous and in control… But God looks at the heart. What is important is the desire to please Him and the inherent fear of God in our hearts.” They listened and both of them had tears in their eyes! By golly, they were crying!

Later afterward, I pulled aside one of the girls to talk to her. It was truly a breakthrough from the Lord. To go beyond the usual routines of lesson to a level of mentoring and feeling of deep trust and confidence between both teacher and student…

I have so much to learn and therefore and am completely uncomfortable in calling myself a mentor, but yes even as I learn and absorb from the mature and godly elders in my life, I desire to pour the little gems I glean into these precious, tender hearts.

No matter how old you are, what you do, the much or little that you know, surely you would have gems that you can bestow on others. Sprinkle a little here and there, you never know when your words may just be the things that someone may need to hear that very moment.


2 thoughts on “He Giveth More Grace

  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome witness on how God reaches to the depths of someone’s soul. After all, we are created in His image and there is always a good side to every human being.
    Keep up the good work of glorifying His Kingdom and making disciples…..

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