God’s Revelation

God’s revelation serves to protect His people. I believe that to be true, especially after what happened today.

God’s revelation may come through the illumination of a Scripture passage and the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, from the wise counsel of a parent/mentor and sometimes even through a dream/vision (though this is more subjective, and wisdom and discernment is needed).

It would only be possible to hear the gentle promptings of the Lord if we are walking closely with Him. To quote my pastor in one of his sermons, “If Jesus were to place His head on our chests, what would He hear?”

A few days ago, my mum shared with me a picture she had which she believed to be from the Lord. She was about to fall asleep one night when she was suddenly startled by a picture of me falling down and bleeding as a result. When I heard that, I was surprised and a little disturbed. I asked her if she thought it was a literal physical accident or something spiritual even… She said she was not sure, she was just given that picture and immediately prayed for me.

I found that dream creeping into my thoughts over the next few days. It made me a little apprehensive and guarded even when I took my morning walk around the neighbourhood and I thought about it during my moments of respite too. Silently, I asked the Lord, “What does that dream mean?”

God does not answer all our questions but when we trust and obey Him, we can have the assurance that He will take care of all things. In this case, it was my mother’s obedience to pray for me following the prompting that saved me from a real injury this morning.

I was collecting my laundry from the back of my house compound this morning. As I walked up the stairs into my home, I tripped over a step and fell forwards hitting my knees and foot hard against the steps. It was a hard fall and I was shaken for a few seconds before I quickly checked my legs for any injury. I was surprised to see that other than a few grazes and bruises-to-be (hehe) I was not hurt badly. With that kind of fall, I would have expected to have severe grazing and bleeding… Then I recalled the dream.

It cannot be a coincidence. It is whether we choose to accept God or deny His existence…

God is real, and if we would place our finite minds and fragile lives into His loving hands, His infinite wisdom, sovereign power and unchanging love will carry us safely Home.


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