Grateful for Understanding Students and Parents

If you’re one of my students or a parent reading this, thank you for being so accommodating and understanding during this period.

The gist of what I went through the past week:

Was hospitalised for food poisoning – was weakened by all the vomiting and was running a high temperature too. Two days after I was discharged from hospital, my body succumbed to illness again and I’m currently battling a yoyo-ing temperature as well as throat infection and a persistent cough.

Prior to all that thingamajig, I had been suffering from recurrent gastric pains, dyspepsia and fibromyalgia… The accumulation of pain has made my body weak and drained. I felt as though I simply had no more strength to carry on!

Student’s exams are on the 6th of November, just a mere two days away and 15th November. It’s at moments like these when they need me most that I cannot be there for them. I was not able to attend to their mini masterclass today (where they would play for one another and I would give my constructive criticism 😉 ) and had to depend instead on our Facebook message group to instruct them how to carry it out, what to play as well as remind them to support one another.

They were all so cooperative and gentle with me even, I am so thankful for that.


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