Missing in the Blogosphere

… but ever present in heart.

Yes, my friends, you’re always in my thoughts and heart though separated by distance or disconnected due to busy schedules.

I’ve been knocked out for nearly a month now. Or maybe more, if I add in the reflux and gastritis problem I was having more than a month ago. Two months maybe of sickness. Just as I thought I was beginning to recover, I’m coming down with a second bout of flu. Or, it could be that I have not recovered from the bug that knocked me out for two whole weeks. Grr!

Students’ exams were over last Friday but now I’m busy with Sunday school syllabus planning, music ministry preparation and a host of other meetings…

Last weekend, I attended the Intentional Discipleship Making Conference by Edmund Chan from Singapore. What a precious reminder that discipleship making starts first with a repentant and surrendered heart. Unless the soil of our heart is fertile and clean, the Word of God and work of the Holy Spirit will not be able to grow deep and take root in our lives. The result is a fruitless life that seems busy with activity but brings no lasting results.

if you want a book recommendation, “Cultivating Your Inner Life” (by Edmund Chan) is an excellent read! The health of the church depends on the spiritual health of each individual. Unless we nurture our soul and heart, we will be serving out of a striving and performance-driven mindset.

Ministry involves people 99.9% of the time. Many times we serve others out of the limited capacity of our heart, and unless we draw from the well of God’s love we would end up frustrated and disillusioned. Unless we draw from His strength, we would become burnt out and miss out on the blessing of joyful service.

Thank you Lord for such precious reminders even as I embark on new journeys and ministries!

I had several burdens recently and I am specifically grateful to my mother, to my mentor Aunty Josephine and Pastor Mok for ministering to me at different times last week. I am really blessed with their love, godly input and care for me. My burdens are lifted as I realise the power of the cross, the justification, sanctification and glorification that comes from being a child of God. I also learnt that things can seem so bad and out of control when you look with the eyes of flesh, but when you commit the problems and mess to God, He turns the whole situation around by first changing your heart and perspective, and you become the solution to the problem.

Here are some pictures of delights that God blessed me with recently: –


Grace made this funny comic on Bitstrips which made me laugh in the wee hours of the morning as I was kept awake coughing.


Another dear friend, Sharon made this comic… I guess she wanted to use the drill to extract the phlegm from my throat directly?

And lastly… a cute and thoughtful gift from one of my students for my birthday. She told me cheekily that she bought the soft toy from the baby’s department. Anything that comes from the baby’s department has probably been manufactured with a lot of TLC, isn’t it? It feels so soft, fluffy and comforting!


What gifts can you thank God for?


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