Grace is… receiving what we do not deserve.


This bouquet of flowers were sent to my home over the weekend and are from my students’ family. I was supposed to attend my student’s Awards Ceremony the night before, but decided that it would be better to stay home when my coughing did not subside. He had practiced very hard to perform the piece Sunflower, by Wang Yu Shi. I felt very sorry to disappoint him by not turning up on his big night to support him.

Imagine my surprise the next day when I saw the bouquet of flowers and sunflower seeds the next day! I was tickled to see the sunflower seeds. The card accompanying the flowers read, “Get well soon, from your little dapper boy.” I felt overwhelmed by the love and kindness of that gesture. I receive a gift for not showing up? For cancelling classes when it was so near his big day?

The father, in his reply to my thank-you SMS to both him and his wife wrote, “Didn’t we all have fun with Sunflower. I just felt that we all needed to enjoy the evening and especially so when you all put in so much effort into it. That evening was yours too and I know you would be there for Charles. So, we brought the sunflowers over to you. How else could we share that evening with you?”

What a picture of God’s grace it was to me.

Another student of mine who was also to perform that night, came earlier in the day to deliver two flasks of pear and almond tea which was supposed to be good for relieving coughs.

Why would anyone do that?

It reminds me of the love of God – so freely given, so unconditional, so lavish. He does not love us any less even when we disappoint Him.


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