Missing My Parents…

The home feels strangely quiet without the presence of my parents.

Miss the sight of mum sitting in the kitchen reading her Bible, using the laptop or preparing a meal. Her presence fills the home with warmth and peace. Teaching at home allows me to traipse into the kitchen between classes to have a quick exchange of words and sometimes sneaking to sniff her hair when she’s distracted with her book or phone. The scent of her hair smells so good, comforting and mama-ish. 🙂

I miss my dad who’s usually parked in front of the computer or television after dinner. With his feet propped up on the table in an extremely un-ergonomic posture, he opens at least 10 tabs on Windows while reading articles and news from Bloomberg, Malaysiakini, Star Online, Wall Street Journal, etc. I think if he could understand Tamil and Mandarin, he would be reading Tamil and Chinese newspapers as well!

A woman I believe, is the heart of the home. Her presence itself brings comfort and security to her children and husband even though she may be occupied with chores and a myriad of tasks.

I know I would want to be home with my children in future, as much as circumstances allow.

Well, if I ever do get married and have children. 😀


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