God does not promise His children a storm-free life, but walking with Him will make us storm-proof. -Edmund Chan

Each day brings an opportunity to live out the faith I profess to believe in.

Faith that my needs would be taken care of for today, and not worrying about what tomorrow will bring.

Faith knowing that God would take care of all the things that concern me – the frequent cancellation of classes, ministry responsibilities, and even to the littlest of details – meals (since mum is not around), doctors’ visits, how to cope with the pain and discomfort for that particular day.

The road to recovery seems longer and more trying than what I expected. Six doctor’s visits in two months is certainly not a walk in the park. I am brought to a point where I only live a day at a time now, trusting God to provide for my needs and receiving His gifts of grace in complete humility and dependence on Him.

Humbled by

– the continuous grace shown by my students and their parents.

– the fact that I have to continuously ask for help from my brothers, of whom help and care have been so graciously given.

– knowing I have no control over the order of my day; may feel alright one moment and breathless and weak a few hours later.

– help so graciously extended by different individuals: porridge and cough remedies from different kind souls.

– the fact that I am a burden and wanting to rebound as soon as I can.

Lessons in faith, humility and trust in God all come in different packages. Mine just happens to come in the form of prolonged illness. While I was in tears this morning, God reminded me of His word in the book of Philippians – to rejoice, to learn contentment in whatever situation.

Contentment in this season.

Obviously I want to be healed, and this does not mean a resignation to give up on all medical treatments and just “curse God and die” as how Job’s wife would advise… But it does mean a quiet trust and acceptance that this lot in life is somehow going to work a greater good for a higher purpose and destiny.

Depending on Him to carry me through each day – minute by minute, hour by hour.

Meanwhile, thank you Kor-Kor for sending over the porridge and delicious condiments this evening. Love ya!


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