Happy Pics

A collection of pictures that make me happy, some were captured a few months ago…


Nick has the most interesting postures at the piano…


Paying penance for bad piano playing by kneeling… (well, not really) 🙂


It’s a normal sight to see a child sprawled on the sofa chilling while waiting for his/her turn to have lessons…

The children that came this week for lessons were sprinkles of sunshine to my soul. Their childlike innocence and happy smiles were just so nourishing to my spirit.


And sometimes, all you need is a wacky brother. 🙂


A gift from Canada – a reminder to be a Sweet Aroma and the Salt and Light 🙂 It was yummy!

Updates: Am feeling a lot better now, 50% of the pains are gone. Was in excruciating and debilitating pain the past two days, doctors have upped my steroids 12 times the usual dosage and so inflammation is coming down. It’s a relief for the moment; I know my immune system will be further compromised by such a high dosage of steroids but I pray that God preserves every healthy cell and strengthens my immune system by His divine power.

Less pain is certainly a reason to rejoice!


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