Pictures and Rambles from a Sleep-deprived Girl…

Played scrabble with the two girls whom I tutor English…


Taught the same girls how to bake cupcakes two days earlier – I promised them that I would give them a lesson in baking if they attained good results in their exams this year – they did not disappoint. They patiently waited for me to keep my word as I delayed our baking session week after week. Monday came and I was determined not to fall back on my word. The girls were splendid – they helped me carry the heavy baking items and did most of the cleaning up after our baking.


Bright smiles and warm cupcakes straight from the oven

Surprise in the mail one morning…


Shadow play at night…


The lack of sleep is starting to take its toll on me…

I’ve been told to get plenty of rest, but it’s awfully difficult to be lying in bed all day… Especially when that has been the case for the past 6 weeks or more!

I’m feeling the exhaustion from a lack of sleep, a side-effect from the high dose of steroids I’m on now, coupled by the inflammation in my pleura (the lining of the lung) and back muscles…

Back to the hospital tomorrow for the bajillionth time… !!!

Ah, to have the comforting caresses of mama or a back massage would be heavenly…

Tonight, the cuddle of my plush-toy will have to suffice.

Good night to you all, good luck to me. 🙂


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