A Prayer for Caregivers

Dear Father in heaven, as I think of the cross Your son endured for me, I thank You that the cross You have called us to bear will never, never be heavier than You have designed. Our cross is exactly the right size and weight for each of us, Your willing children. And daily as we pick up this cross and follow You, bless You for more than matching the burden with grace upon grace upon grace…

And if at times our hardships seem too heavy a thing to daily endure, if these struggles are too much for our caregivers, too much for our husbands or wives or children to bear, then remind is that You are right there beside us, shouldering the worst of the weight of the cross. Never let us forget that You are with us through it all, whether it is we who are always sitting down in a stand-up world, of whether it is our caregivers who are always tending to our needs. And… Please, Lord Jesus, expand our vision, that we can appreciate the influence our trust in You is having on people, others who watch and learn, even from a distance. For that brings You glory! And brings rich and wonderful meaning to our days. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

-Joni Eareckson Tada


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