Pain in Every Step

The inflammation has strangely moved itself downwards to my left foot, it feels as though there’s a nail embedded in it.

Every step hurts.

I was tempted to despair at the seemingly never-ending pain yesterday as I tried to keep up and not hold my family up as we did our sight-seeing. But today as I walked around the town of Melbourne with my family, my heart was filled with gratitude and peace.

Thankful for this pair of feet He has given me. Praising Him in the midst of pain and thanking Him because He has borne a far greater and far more terrible pain when He carried the cross up Calvary.

I was clothed in warm comfortable clothing, He was stripped of His garments and given a crown of thorns instead. I had the care of my family to depend on, He had to endure the jeering and mocking of the angry mob.

What is my suffering compared to the whipping that left many stripes on Jesus’ back?

What is a little pain compared to the flogging and beating He endured in public humiliation?

Thank you, my Lord Jesus that You have endured all these for my sake.

Thank You for choosing the way of Calvary. You have led the way, and I will follow…


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