Kia Ora from Wanaka, NZ!

Hello! It’s good to be able to drop a note here and say hi to you dear readers!

It’s been a delightful trip so far – am really relishing the time I have with my family before Dave leaves for Melbourne in February and Sam who will be busy with his A-levels studies next year. First it was my brother Chris who left for New Zealand in 2003, then Dave next year and pretty soon Sam in two years time. I will be so brother-less, boo hoo hoo!

They have been so amazing, my brothers. Dave helped a lot with the bookings of the accommodations and flights, and his choices have been lovely!

Sam on the other hand, has been the busy bee running around doing a million mundane tasks that often go unnoticed when done, but glaringly obvious when left undone…

Chris, my elder brother is the ultimate chef! The thought of his perfectly seared lamb loin steaks is making my stomach growl now!

Speaking of food, I’m getting rather pudgy with all the eating and lack of exercise over the past few months. My swollen foot now is not helping either.

May return to Malaysia looking like a walrus or seal. 😀

It really is a miracle for me to be here considering how unwell I was weeks ago. I’m grateful for those who have prayed for me and “nursed” me back to health with their love, prayers, messages and delicious cooking while my parents were away. Thank you friends, thank you Lord.

I’ll be back with more thoughtful writings, I promise.

Here’s some pictures before I sign off…





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