A Testimony of God’s Goodness and Protection Upon Our Family

– written by my mother, which she shared in our church’s Watchnight Service last year.

Hi everyone,
The time period of 5 days between the 23rd to the 27th of November has been a time of great significance for my family where we experienced much of God’s protection and deliverance.

On the 23rd, as Dave was driving with Sam seated in front and Chris behind the driver’s seat, they met with a serious accident. An oncoming car hit theirs really hard of which the impact would have been far worse if not for Dave’s quick action of swerving but nonetheless it was still powerful enough to throw Chris to the other end, hitting his head on the window and shattering it into pieces( the window, not his head😊) with his spectacles flying off and landing into a nearby drain and his head two feet from hitting the lamppost.  He walked out of the car covered with broken glass but suffered only a small cut and a little bleeding. Days before this incident, before I fell asleep I had a vision of Chris’ face and ‘heard’ an ‘inaudible’ bang of which I knew was an accident and prayed for God’s protection to be upon him.

The following night, Dave, Sam and Rachel dropped Jerry and I to the airport as we were leaving for a two week vacation. After dropping us off, they went for dinner of which Dave ate 6 prawns. Prior to this he’s had a few isolated allergic reactions when he took prawns with rashes ranging from mild to severe but never before needed medical attention. On this night however, he started having rashes couple hours upon returning home and soon after developed breathing difficulties and within a short period of time lapsed into unconsciousness. When Dave started having trouble breathing Sam tried to get an ambulance but was frustrated in his attempt. And seeing the gravity of the situation, Chris started to drag Dave from our kitchen table where he was already totally physically immobilized but still conscious. In such a state as he was he thought of his sister who was upstairs and told them to not leave her home alone and to lock up the house after which instructing, he immediately passed out. A blessing in disguise occurred when Sam in helping him to get into the car was a little rough in handling him which caused him to cry out in pain, and though not yet otherwise visibly conscious, I believe that sharp jolt started to awaken him somewhat. Chris was speeding to the hospital and in desperation but with quickness of mind Sam started slapping his brother and shouting at him, doing all he could to awaken him while both he and Chris started crying out to God to intervene  and our God mercifully did. David awoke and prayed to God to spare his life and after couple of jabs at the hospital he was fine. As this was happening, Jerry and I were up in the air oblivious to all that was going on and only got to know about it when we were picked up from the airport upon arriving home two weeks later. Sweet children aren’t they to keep everything under wraps so we could have a good holiday😊

Three days after the second incident, God intervened in our family again and this time it was on my behalf when Jerry and I were in London. The day before as we were walking pass the train station, a caption that read ‘ Give an inch and they’ll take everything’ caught my eye though I was walking too quickly to notice the picture accompanying it but deduced it probably meant leaving a gap open in your bag and risk losing everything to theft.

The next day Jerry and I were about to board the train when we got separated with me getting on but not he. Jerry quickly shouted for me to get off at Horborn a few stops away. A little into the train ride, the words I saw the day before, ‘Give an inch and they’ll take everything’ suddenly popped into my mind seemingly out of nowhere and I quickly glanced down to ensure my handbag was properly zipped up. To my horror and disbelief a white hand was on the way out with my purse. I shouted ‘No’ and the hand quickly dropped my purse. I zipped up my bag, hung unto it for dear life and looked up to see a white lady waved and smiled at me and seconds later the train door opened and she whom I believe to be the owner of the said hand and some others whom I believe to be her accomplices got off train. It had to be the Holy Spirit prompting me with those words of warning. My handbag was held close to my body and within my vision and I didn’t feel a thing. I believe I had my purse and phone snugged at the bottom with my sweater, water bottle and other paraphernalia on top. She must be a professional rummaging through my bag so quickly and undetectably. And I wonder if occult is involved as we often hear of victims being clueless when robbed or pick-pocketed in similar fashion. But I’m thankful that God protects His children.

Weeks before these series of events, I sensed our family needed special prayer support and solicited the help of a few of my CG ladies to please keep us in prayer. And I’m so thankful to them for so doing.

I’m sharing this testimony in keeping my word to the Lord when I together with the church sing these words, ‘every blessing You pour out I’ll turn to praise’. Let’s ensure we do not sing lies.


To God be the glory!


Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!


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