Prayer (Edmund Chan)

It is so unwise of us that while praying, we always ask for a change of circumstances, but seldom for a change of character.

The question is, are WE willing to change? Are we willing to grow up, painful as it may be?

Are we willing to come out of our comfort zone?

Are we open to learning from past experiences?

The situation may seem “impossible”, but God is in control. Like Abraham, He calls us to a pilgrimage of faith – in spite of the apparent death of a vision. For though the outward circumstances may seem hopeless and exceedingly bleak, yet we have the power of God to grow in faith through these circumstances.

We are tutored by God to grow in the neglected areas of the soul – to be more humble, honest, gracious, loving or forgiving.

We can be renewed by God each day in words, attitudes and actions.

The secret of prayer is submission.


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