A New Lease of Life

2013 was a year of many deaths for me.

Not a physical death, obviously.

But it brought a death of dreams.

Burying hopes once awakened, I said goodbye to a love I once knew.

Saying hello to the new normal was not something I wanted to do.

Grief has a way of ripping the seams of your heart apart and shattering all logical perception.

How does one deal with grief? A question I often asked with a pleading heart where no one seemed to know the answer.

A purpose in life – was there one for me? With my illness and the major loss in my life, it seemed not.

As ridiculous, depressing and ungrateful as these thoughts may seem, God has truly raised me up from the pits of depression, despair and brokenness.


Perhaps, not physically so; but definitely in my heart, emotions and spirit.

There is renewed strength, joy and hope within me.

My circumstances have not changed much, but my outlook has changed.

His grace has truly led me HOME. 

Oh to know peace again! To know that He has restored the joy of my salvation! 

Oh Grace! Unspeakable grace!

This worship chorus remains my favourite up to today…

You alone can rescue, You alone can save

You alone can lift us from the grave

You came down to find us,

Led us out of death

To You alone belongs the highest praise!


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