Take Your Breakfast

… it’s supposed to be good for you.

Those who know me well will know that my stomach is the organ slowest to awake in the morning. (After my brain, that is 😀 )

I was often admonished for missing this most important meal of the day. To me, the most essential meals were Lunch, Tea, Dinner and Supper! That’s when I’m awake, alive, kicking and hungry.

Anyways, I’ve started a healthier habit of having proper food for breakfast. (It used to be a pack of biscuits, eaten while driving on my way to work, church or different appointments).

My loving, fit and more nutritionally-sound brothers would often exhort me to ditch those nutritionally empty biscuits and white bread for eggs, yogurt or fruit.

Here are some of the healthier foods I now consume in the morning –

1. Plain yogurt sweetened with jam and topped with muesli, nuts and cranberries


2. A big cup of fruit & vegetable juice (Pineapple/Beetroot) – this is rarer

3. Seven-grain sprouted bread (pseudo health-freak alert!) with a thick layer of peanut butter and sometimes jam on top of it (to negate the healthiness of it all)

4. Two soft boiled eggs

5. A new combo for my yogurt this morning – yogurt sweetened with jam and crushed Digestive biscuits. (Inspired by the thought of cheesecake!) Don’t expect it to taste like cheesecake though; it’s a quick and healthier fix should you be craving something similar to the likes of cheesecake. Cheesecake aficionados: be warned and manage your expectations! 🙂


And saving the best for last –

The kind of breakfast that I usually have for dinner. 😛


There you go!

Here’s Rachel trying to speak up for nutrition and wellness. (LOL!)



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