Heaven, My Heart’s True Home…

Christians often say that the most wonderful thing of all will be to see our Lord face to face. I have pondered that much and feel it is surely worded inaccurately. To see the Lord is but a lesser thing to one who has had a close spirit-with-Spirit communion with Him all along.

What matter the colour of His eyes or the shape of His face? That is not what makes Him precious. Nothing is so deeply intimate as a spirit knit with Spirit, and that we can and should enjoy right now while here on earth. I think what is meant is to be with the Lord with the root of sin gone. 

To fellowship with Him without the lazy flesh dragging us back, or unwanted thoughts of pride and self constantly staining us. To be finally rid of corruption, to worship and enjoy Him with heart purged into His own purity, that will be an advance over anything that is possible on earth.

And so the platform of a dread disease becomes but a springboard for heaven.

We become like Him in His death. In the pain which is inevitably connected with the descent into the valley of shadows there will be a fellowship, even if not perceived by weakened nature. The power of His resurrection will become known as never before.

And the great end, that I may know Him, will be granted.

-Isobel Kuhn (In the Arena)


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