“Because You’re Worth It”

Isn’t that the hook advertisers often use to lure consumers to purchasing extravagant items, going for luxurious beauty pampering and expensive dining?

“Because you’re worth it.”


Because you’re worth it – a sinless man, A King, God Himself, chose to come down to earth and hang on a tree to bear our deserved punishment and die. For you. And for me.

Because HE thought we were worth it.

And because He thought we were worth dying for, we became worthy for the beatings, scourging, slaps and verbal abuse He endured on the road to calvary.

In our ingratitude, disobedience, complacence – He still thinks us worthy.

Love so amazing, so divine,

demands our soul, our life, our all.


God, help me not to live a life that’s a sham.

God forbid that I become proficient in Christianese but elementary in obedience.

God forbid that I serve in many ministries with the hope of receiving approval, acceptance or the praise of men.

God forbid that I cheapen the power of the cross and the work of grace in my life through my selfishness and impatience with others.

Save me first Lord, from myself.


2 thoughts on ““Because You’re Worth It”

  1. Hi!! I was so (pleasantly!) surprised to receive a little email notifying me that I had a blog follower (huh?! LOL!), and even more excited upon discovering it wasn’t a spammer but a lovely sister in Christ!! Lovely to be in contact, and I am glad we can be gospel encouragements to each other in this big wide web! 😀

  2. I am just as happy and in awe that you visited my blog and left a comment here, Lauranne. I kinda found out about your blog through Eunice’s Facebook page/blog, I can’t remember 🙂 Anyhoos, you have lotsa solid stuff on your blog and I really appreciate your writing. Keep writing okay 🙂 Hugs!

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