What Sort of Voice Are You to Others?


Reread this sweet note in my Bible this morning… It made me smile, alas a little pensively.

A note from my best friend, written early December last year while I was struggling through a flare and many episodes of being unwell. It was also at that time where I was trying to make sense of everything that had happened the past year. I was discouraged, tired, wounded and searching. The seeming silence from God was killing me.

We all need someone in our lives at some point of time, to remind us to keep going.

When you’re in a pit, and light seems so far away, when there seems to be no way out…

All you need sometimes, is a voice piercing through the darkness…

Hold on!

Don’t give up.

God knows what He is doing.

He doeth all things well. 

The past three months have been a flurry of activity – learning, growing, unwrapping new gifts…

Was it only months ago that I spent many weeks in tears, uttering desperate prayers in the silence of the night?

How would I have known when my breakthrough would finally come?

One may be at the brink of a breakthrough without realising it, only to turn away and give up.

That’s when you need that faithful voice.

Can we be that faithful voice to those in despair, the discouraged, the lonely?

Could you, through your words and friendship, and by God’s grace, be the person to pull someone out of making a devastating or destructive decision? Your timely action and words may be the lifesaving grace of God to him in his moment of desperation or depression!

Or are we going to be akin to Job’s friends – quick to judge, quick to condemn, quick to dispense gratuitous advice?

Proverbs 15:23

A man has joy by the answer of his mouth, and a word spoken in due season, how good it is!


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