The Rewards of Teaching

I was helping a ten year old girl with her math worksheet in the Handicap Children’s Centre this week. Hearing her delightful and cheeky laugh as she bossily asked me to erase her mistakes made me smile for many moments after that.

Just a week ago, she had that same bossy comical air when she instructed another teacher to hurry up with getting the tape recorder so that the class could practice their dance routines for an upcoming performance. There was no malice, no pretense and an absence of rudeness. Just pure childlikeness and ease of being herself as she commanded the teacher to “cepat sikit, ah!”.

Cheeky girl’s on the left. 🙂

Having a child call out your name in an excited voice when she sees you from afar…

How much more love and joy will our Heavenly Father feel towards His child who runs into His arms with such anticipation and trust.

We have much to learn from our children.


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