Ten More Sunrises

for the long awaited day…

It’s been a crazy few weeks of juggling work, being ill, having ministry commitments and keeping up with bible study assignments.

Right now I’m battling with an inflamed Achilles’ tendon and doc has increased my steroid dosage again. Ayoh!

Praying that the meds do their work quick without too many side effects….

God has been good to lift my spirits up with the kindness especially shown by my family and friends who have gone really out of the way to help me this week.

Thanks mum for availing your help and time to me as I pack and prepare for the coming trip ahead. Thank you for listening to all my fears, giving me the support and understanding that I need but most importantly helping me to view God’s leading and plans with eyes of faith. Thank you for making me brave.

Thank you Steven for spending extra time helping me out with prep for church worship the past two weekends, and a million thanks to Sui Sim who stepped in at the very last minute (the evening before my student’s exam day!!) to help my student correct and reprint her Advanced Certificate programme notes.

It’s these things that make me want to cry tears of gratitude, God indeed takes good care of His children.

And someone slipped something under my door this morning!!


I was silently amazed when I read the article. Who on earth would slip this under my door?! Yes, one who considers missions must have a wartime mentality as we do not fight against seen enemies but against dark forces and principalities.

It’s been a fight as we see the enemy going all out to throw us off guard, but our footing is secure in the One who holds us in the palm of His hands.

I later found out that the article was from my father. I found that gesture significant, and it touched me deeply.

I am indeed blessed with godly and extremely supportive parents.

Immensely thankful.


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