Quotes by Count Zinzendorf

Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf (1700-1760)

“These wounds were meant to purchase me. These drops of blood were shed to obtain me. I am not my own today. I belong to another. I have been bought with a price. And I will live every moment of this day so that the Great Purchaser of my soul will receive the full reward of His suffering.”


“I have but one passion: It is He, it is He alone. The world is the field and the field is the world; and henceforth that country shall be my home where I can be most used in winning souls for Christ.”

“There can be no Christianity without community.”


“Our method of proclaiming salvation is this: to point out to every heart the loving Lamb, who died for us, and although He was the Son of God, offered Himself for our sins … by the preaching of His blood, and of His love unto death, even the death of the cross, never, either in discourse or in argument, to digress even for a quarter of an hour from the loving Lamb: to name no virtue except in Him, and from Him and on His account,-to preach no commandment except faith in Him; no other justification but that He atoned for us; no other sanctification but the privilege to sin no more; no other happiness but to be near Him, to think of Him and do His pleasure; no other self denial but to be deprived of Him and His blessings; no other calamity but to displease Him; no other life but in Him.”


“Missions, after all, is simply this: Every heart with Christ is a missionary, every heart without Christ is a mission field.”


“We will work simply and quietly. Even if we never see wonders with our own eyes or hear them with our ears, we are planting the kingdom of heaven into the nations and will look for the fruit which grows from it.”



“O let us in thy nailprints see, our pardon and election free.”

“I am destined to proclaim the message, unmindful of personal consequences to myself.”



“Preach the gospel, die and be forgotten.”


5 thoughts on “Quotes by Count Zinzendorf

  1. Greatly to be praised is The Lord for His Love for u and the people u are serving for His sake. Such apt quotes, accompanied by great pictures, anyone who reads this blogpost of yours will praise The Lord! May God’s purpose for you be fulfilled in and through you in your daily walk with Him. 😘❤️

  2. Thank you Rebecca! Your faithfulness and devotion in caring for J & Baby E is equally significant and important in the eyes of our Lord. Let us all endeavour towards the day when we hear our Lord say, “Well done, Thou good and faithful servant”… He does not require us to be successful, He asks us to be faithful. And I’m encouraged by your example! Hugs and love!

    • Hi moren, sorry for the slow response. Thank you for dropping by! Ok to share, this is a public blog 😉 thanks for asking tho! May I know how you chanced upon this blog? I wish I had written a more clear and thorough account… Still in the midst of sorting out photos and processing thoughts 🙂

      • Hi Rachel,

        It’s ok 🙂

        I plan to send some of my junior in the uni and also my friends to have a kind of mission trip to Kalumpe. And as the mentor, is so terribly busy and he has limited internet access so, I hardly ask him anything about the area. So, I google about Kalumpe and Abah and I found out your blog. What a divine coincidence for I think, you visit the same village 😀

        If you can share more photos, I’d be very grateful.

        Blessings 🙂

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