Village Life


Bedroom in Abah. We are always given the best as guests. Whether it’s our place of sleep or the food we eat.


Bedroom in Kalumpe. This was in the largest and nicest house, and we girls got to use the daughters’ room for that evening.


A toilet with spiders is better than no toilet at all.


Kitchen and eating area


They have to cook from scratch. Slaughter a chicken, remove the feathers by plunging it in hot water, make a fire…


Opportunities to minister and serve usually come in the day-to-day settings of life…

Toilets are multi-functional – you also wash your dishes there, leave some scraps on the floor to feed the puppy (that will eventually be butchered for dinner), it’s also a storage place for gallons and gallons of diesel to power the generator in the home… To fulfil it’s multi-purposes, there are no locks in the toilet and bathroom. One has to learn the art of doing what you need to do while having one hand guarding the door) πŸ™‚


Thank You, Jesus…


This, my friends, is how you go shopping for free vegetables in the forest…


His children never go hungry…


Crossing a 1-2 storey deep ravine, do it like the kids do, or chicken out and be square


Grannies can nurse, too! πŸ™‚


One thought on “Village Life

  1. Sister Rachel,

    Helloooo πŸ™‚

    Hi sister, wow, thank you for your writing for I do really need the description of Desa Abah and Kalumpe for my team in Jakarta πŸ™‚

    Nice blog and nice writing. Keep inspiring people ^^


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