Christ is Enough.

Sharing some excerpts from my BSF notes on Matthew 14…

Life, sustenance and security are found only in Him.

Like the disciples, do you see needs around you but “send away” what you feel unable to accomplish?

Every work to which God calls us requires faith and obedience.
He provides for my every need.
Come to Jesus with your inability and inadequate supply, and place it in His hands. As you begin to “give them something to eat,” you will experience the joy of finding Jesus more than sufficient.

No matter how small or seemingly unimportant, Jesus puts the stamp of eternity on your work when He works through you.

He has called me, He will bring me through.

He has a purpose in my current situation for my good and for His glory.

It’s been a long time since I have “connected” with you, dear readers out there.
I’ve missed “talking” to you. 🙂
The past posts have been rather impersonal, I feel.
I am sorry.
There has been so much struggle emotionally – feelings of inadequacy, fear, doubt.

Father, forgive me for demanding grace in advance and for wanting assurance for the many steps ahead.

You have promised to give us grace for each day, and each step on the water requires a steadfast and unfaltering gaze on You.

Forgive me Lord, for taking my eyes off You oh so often, and looking at the waves around me and allowing the howl of the wind to distract me from Your ever encompassing and comforting presence.

Lord, I come.
Lord, come.


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